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Zoom recorders

Zoom H2 Handy Recorder

Zoom H2 Handy Recorder

The Zoom H2 is an easy-to-use digital recorder that gives broadcast quality stereo results for live music, interviews, podcasts, conferences and all kinds of location recordings.

The recorder's secret lies in its' unique four mic system - two at the front and two at the rear. You can choose which pair to use, or use both - allowing for great versatility in recording.

Ultra-portable and extremely simple to use - the H2 means the average user can record professional quality pristine audio straight out of the box

Top quality recording at a budget price. Very popular recorder and no wonder...

Zoom H2 at a glance...


  Four integral mics     High-quality stereo
  Auto recording     Auto gain control
  Use as USB mic     360° recording
  Four hours recording     Voice-activated
  Low-cut filter     Tuner & metronome


Display:   128x64 pixel, back-lit LCD
Inputs:   726 g
Output:   LINE IN] 1/8" stereo phone jack
USB Interface:   Mini-B type(USB2.0 Full-Speed compatible)
Power:   AA size(LR6) battery x2, or Supplied adaptor
Battery Life:   4 hours recording, 4.5 hours playback (with alkaline batteries)
Dimensions:   63.5(W)x110(D)x32(H)mm
Weight:   110g (without batteries)
Recording Media:   SD memory card(16MB-2GB), SDHC memory card(4GB-32GB)
Mic:   Four integral microphones
Recording format:   WAV and MP3 recording
Tools:   BWF compatible time stamping and track markers
Plug-in power:   Support for plug-in power type external mic


Listen to these 'road test' recordings of the Zoom H2 using the player or click on the link to download the file for further testing.


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Download Music clip
It's a very rough guide but we played a CD on a fairly good stereo and recorded the music using the Zoom H2 recording through it's onboard mics to give you an idea of the music recording quality. We plan to record the same clip using as many different types of recorder as we can get our hands on - so you can compare them all.

The track is by the Bobby Blackston band - you can find out more about them and/or buy their music here

Greek church

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Download Greek Church
Recorded outside a Greek Church. The ceremony was coming through speakers into the courtyard. You can hear wind noise against the mics , birds singing etc.Using onboard mics.

Child singing

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Download Child singing
This child singing (the Indiana Jones theme) was recorded handheld using the onboard mics.



Click on the first image below for a larger version:


Great recording quality
Well priced
Easy to use

Records handling noise
A bit plastic-y
Small display window

You either love it or hate the look of this palm-sized recorder. It has been variously described as looking like a children's toy or a Sixties' Star Trek communicator but we think it resembles a vintage studio microphone which, we imagine, is what the designers were aiming for.

The most distinctive feature of the Zoom H2 is its' two sets of stereo mics. The front pair are angled at 90 degrees while the rear are at 120 degrees. You can switch between them or record using all four.

This gives great versatility: Use the narrower, more precise field of the front 90 degree mics to record birdsong or someone singing while the wider rear 120 degree is perfect for capturing a band.

Use front and back to perfectly record both sides of an interview or for surround sound at a band's jam session.

Recording formats: MP3 and WAV in various resolutions.
Recording time, features. Recording is a two press process. Press play and you are into ' record standby' where the display shows the recording levels (which can then be adjusted) and the second press starts the recording. Instead of the four internal mics, you can also choose to plug in an external mic using a 3.5mm (1/8) stereo mini-jack plug. You can also use the Zoom as an external USB mic on your computer allowing you to get great audio on podcasts etc. When plugged in, the USB powers the H2 so no need to worry about batteries.

The Zoom H2 has no onboard speakers so you have to playback through headphones (small earplug headphones supplied).Scroll through your files and press play to hear the one selected. You can also fast forward and reverse furing playback. Alternatively you can download the file using the USB cable provided to play it on your computer, mp3 player etc.

Two AA batteries.
Mains power adaptor supplied

This recorder is pretty power hungry. You can get around four hours of recording from each set of batteries so remember to always carry spares. The unit takes two AA batteries and also comes boxed with a mains adaptor.

The recorder usually ships with a 512mb SD memory card but can uses cards up to 8GB.
USB2 connection.
It has a mini USB port and 3.5mm (1/8) mini jacks for headphones/line out, external mic in, and line in.

Use 'auto recording mode' to start recording when the sound exceeds a set level and stop recording when the sound dies down again.

The input jack for external stereo mics supports plug-in power, letting you select suitable equipment for any situation. A stereo line input for analog sources such as cassette tapes or LP records is also provided - digitalise your old record collection!

'Earbud' headphones
512mb SDl media card
Mic stand adapter
Mains adaptor
USB cable
a 3.5mm (1/8) minijack to stereo RCA cable
Desktop stand