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Olympus WS-550

Olympus WS-550

The WS-550M stereo recorder features a sleek design and allows you to choose your favourite colour - a choice of silver or blue guarantees you a stylish look at all times.

It comes with 2GB of memory and offers unbeatable flexibility, with a choice of six recording qualities featuring Stereo XQ for highest quality and LP mode for more than 544 hours of digital recording.

For even more flexibility its unique retractable high speed USB connector is the smartest available way to connect to a PC.

While transferring your data, the battery is recharged - together with long battery life this recording device is the ideal solution for people on the move.

Users' Reviews...

When I'm trying to charge the

When I'm trying to charge the battery, the display say remote? Then I can not turn it on? Why?

Users' Reviews...

We no longer have a copy of

We no longer have a copy of this recorder so I can't check it out but I suspect that it may not allow itself to be turned on while charging.

Does anyone else know for sure?

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