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Olympus VN-6500

Olympus VN-6500

Bargain basement: This is an entry level voice recorder from Olympus. It has a very low price tag and yet boasts 1GB of internal memory - making it a best buy for anyone wanting a straightforward notetaker.

Its' one downside is that you cannot upload recorded files onto a computer. But if you only need to record and play from the machine itself, it really is a great buy. (Those who want a similar entry level model that can upload files to a computer, take a look at the VN-5500pc.)

The VN-6500 has up to 30 hours of battery life and can store up to 600 hours of recordings on its' internal hard drive.

Black, stylish, very easy-to-use and dirt cheap - a great buy if you don't need to upload to a computer

Olympus VN-6500 at a glance...


  Easy to use     1GB internal memory
  WMA recording     2 x AAA battery
  max 600 hours recording     Voice activated
  400 files     15 hours playback
  Built-in speaker     Earphone jack


Display:   Segment & Dot Matrix Display. Not backlit
Memory:   1 GB internal memory
Input:   Mic mini-jack 3.5mm
Output:   Earphone mini-jack 3.5mm
Power:   Two AAA size(LR6) batteries
Battery Life:   up to 30 hours recording, 15 hours playback


Weight:   63g with batteries
Recording format:   WMA
File system:   4 storage folders, 100 files per folder
Speaker:   Built-in ø23 mm round dynamic speaker


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Olympus VN-6500 review

Low cost
Very easy to use
Looks good

Can't upload files to a computer
No charger

The Olympus VN-6500 comes in an attractive black. It is solidly built but still feels lightweight, portable and pocket-sized. It has a good-sized dot matrix screen with well-spaced, easy-to-use controls.

Two AAA batteries supplied
The VN-6500 comes with two AAA batteries. The batteries last for around 30 hours of recording.

The VN-6500 couldn't be easier to use. The three large main buttons on the front tell the whole story - Record, Stop and Play. It's that simple. Further buttons give access to the main menu, a list of folders where recordings are stored and an erase button. Very straightforward - most people won't even need to read the instructions.

The VN-6500 has an internal 1GB memory but no external memory/flash card capability. It also does NOT have a USB connection so files cannot be uploaded to a computer

Basic voice activation functionality.

Two AAA batteries

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