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Olympus DS 5000

Olympus DS 5000

The DS 5000 is a top of the range professional dictation recorder for doctors, lawyers, researchers or anyone who produces a a large number of notes.

It boasts logical, easy-to-use features that you can understand at once and has the ability to edit, delete, insert comments and bookmark different sections while reviewing the recording.

The recorder is perfect for anyone dictating sensitive material as access to the machine itself can be password protected and individual files can be encrypted. For shared office use, it allows for multiple users, each with their own password-protected memory space.

The DS 5000 is all business, housed in a sturdy matt-black metal body with a large side switch on the side like old-fashioned tape recorders (no fiddling with tiny little menu buttons here)

Olympus DS-5000 at a glance...




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